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    Rules and Commands in MBB Empty Rules and Commands in MBB

    Post by Evaliance on Sat Sep 26, 2015 11:36 pm


    There are commands from Higher Ranks and above that you need to follow:

    1. FTF - Fill The Front: Recruit new members or let workers in at the front counter.

    2. FTB - Fill The Back: Sit on a seat that's not a work station. (AFK sofas)

    3. FTS - Fill The Security: Work in security section.

    4. FTT - Fill The Training: Work in the training room during training session.

    5. ATT - Attention: Standing up, wave and say "Yes ma'am/sir" to the Higher Rank who called you. (Only rank 1ic-9ic can do ATT)

    6. AE - At Ease: Resume your activities after being called to ATT.

    7. BTB - Back to Base: You need to go back to base and continue your work.


    1. There is no uniform in MBB but wearing others agencies uniform is not allowed.

    2. You can use caps, color chats, dance and effects in MBB.

    3. Like other agency, you still need to respect and obey HR, especially Chairman [1ic]

    4. Never AFK at work stations, if you really need to AFK, please sit at the AFK sofas available (FTB).

    5. No double jobs. Using two Habbo id working in MBB is also a mistake. *You will get fired!*

    6. Only Chairman [1ic] and Room Control [2ic] can promote lower ranks while HR [9ic-1ic] can tell command to lower rank.
    (Do not self-promote)

    7. Don't ask for promotion for no reason *warning will be given*

    8. For every 20 points, you will get paid 1c or x1 promotion. (You can redeem any one of it).

    9. Pay day and promotion day is on Saturday or Sunday only. Please check your own point in Pay's Logs every Saturday GMT+8 whether you will get pay/promotion or not.

    10. REMINDER: Other than Saturday and Sunday, you are not allowed to claim or redeem pay/promotion except if there is a reason and please inform the reason to Chairman/Room Control earlier before Saturday GMT+8

    11. Dividend (1c) will be given out on Saturday and Sunday at 10.30pm GMT+8. Please BTB before 9.30pm as the gate will be closed until dividend is given.

    12. While waiting for dividend, you are not allowed to AFK after 10.00pm GMT+8 until dividend is given. FTB will be closed at 10.00pm.

    13. Please remember your trainer's/promoter's name and whisper to the Security at FTS everytime you want to enter MBB's base.

    14. Anyone who has purchased rank, your money will not be returned.

    15. Buying any rank does not mean you buy the trust and loyalty.

    Please read Tutorial for New Staff by clicking link below down arrow

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