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    Official Ranks List Of MBB Empty Official Ranks List Of MBB

    Post by Evaliance Wed Sep 16, 2015 9:32 pm

    15ic - STAFF

    Official Ranks List Of MBB 15ic11

    Trainee I
    Trainee II
    Trainee III
    Trainee IV
    Trainee V
    Sales Trainee I
    Sales Trainee II
    Sales Trainee III
    Sales Trainee IV
    Sales Trainee V
    Management Trainee I
    Management Trainee II
    Management Trainee III
    Management Trainee IV
    Management Trainee V
    Head Trainee I
    Head Trainee II
    Head Trainee III
    Head Trainee IV
    Head Trainee V

    14ic - SECURITY

    Official Ranks List Of MBB 14ic11

    Security Trainee I
    Security Trainee II
    Security Trainee III
    Security Trainee IV
    Security Trainee V
    Guard I
    Guard II
    Guard III
    Guard IV
    Guard V
    Senior Guard I
    Senior Guard II
    Senior Guard III
    Senior Guard IV
    Senior Guard V
    Head Security I
    Head Security II
    Head Security III
    Head Security IV
    Head Security V

    13ic - TRAINER

    Official Ranks List Of MBB 13ic11

    Trainer Trainee I
    Trainer Trainee II
    Trainer Trainee III
    Trainer Trainee IV
    Trainer Trainee V
    Trainer I
    Trainer II
    Trainer III
    Trainer IV
    Trainer V
    Senior Trainer I
    Senior Trainer II
    Senior Trainer III
    Senior Trainer IV
    Senior Trainer V
    Head Trainer I
    Head Trainer II
    Head Trainer III
    Head Trainer IV
    Head Trainer V


    Official Ranks List Of MBB 12ic12

    Clerk I
    Clerk II
    Clerk III
    Audit Clerk I
    Audit Clerk II
    Audit Clerk III
    Secretary I
    Secretary II
    Secretary III
    General Admin I
    General Admin II
    General Admin III
    System Admin I
    System Admin II
    System Admin III
    Accountant I
    Accountant II
    Accountant III


    Official Ranks List Of MBB 12ic1010

    IT Specialist
    Assistant Planning Officer
    Credit Lending Officer I
    Credit Lending Officer II
    Credit Lending Officer III
    Financial Planner Officer I
    Financial Planner Officer II
    Financial Planner Officer III
    Business Analyst Officer I
    Business Analyst Officer II
    Business Analyst Officer III
    System Planning Officer I
    System Planning Officer II
    System Planning Officer III
    System Engineer Officer I
    System Engineer Officer II
    System Engineer Officer III
    Senior Planning Officer I
    Senior Planning Officer II
    Senior Planning Officer III


    Official Ranks List Of MBB 10ic11

    Assistant Internal Audit Officer
    Internal Audit Officer
    Sales Support Officer I
    Sales Support Officer II
    Sales Support Officer III
    Strategic Bussiness Officer I
    Strategic Bussiness Officer II
    Strategic Bussiness Officer III
    Balance Sheet Control Officer I
    Balance Sheet Control Officer II
    Balance Sheet Control Officer III
    Credit Assessment Officer I
    Credit Assessment Officer II
    Credit Assessment Officer III
    Compliance Officer I
    Compliance Officer II
    Compliance Officer III
    Senior Finance Officer I
    Senior Finance Officer II
    Senior Finance Officer III


    Official Ranks List Of MBB 9ic12

    Assistant Account Officer
    Account Officer
    HR Trainee Officer I
    HR Trainee Officer II
    HR Trainee Officer III
    Commercial Risk Officer I
    Commercial Risk Officer II
    Commercial Risk Officer III
    Country Enterprise Risk And Control Officer I
    Country Enterprise Risk And Control Officer II
    Country Enterprise Risk And Control Officer III
    HR Generalist Officer I
    HR Generalist Officer II
    HR Generalist Officer III
    Chief Risk Officer I
    Chief Risk Officer II
    Chief Risk Officer III
    Senior HR Officer I
    Senior HR Officer II
    Senior HR Officer III

    8ic - MANAGER

    Official Ranks List Of MBB 8ic11

    Sales Manager
    Accountant Manager
    HR Manager I
    HR Manager II
    HR Manager III
    Commercial Manager I
    Commercial Manager II
    Commercial Manager III
    Regional Manager I
    Regional Manager II
    Regional Manager III
    General Manager I
    General Manager II
    General Manager III
    Risk Manager I
    Risk Manager II
    Risk Manager III
    Senior Manager I
    Senior Manager II
    Senior Manager III

    7ic - CONSULTANT

    Official Ranks List Of MBB 7ic11

    Loan Consultant
    Personal Loan Consultant
    Unit Trust Consultant I
    Unit Trust Consultant II
    Unit Trust Consultant III
    Personal Financial Consultant I
    Personal Financial Consultant II
    Personal Financial Consultant III
    Financial Consultant I
    Financial Consultant II
    Financial Consultant III
    Premier Financial Consultant I
    Premier Financial Consultant II
    Premier Financial Consultant III
    Director's Pension Consultant I
    Director's Pension Consultant II
    Director's Pension Consultant III
    Senior Consultant I
    Senior Consultant II
    Senior Consultant IIII

    6ic - EXECUTIVE

    Official Ranks List Of MBB 6ic11

    Customer Services Executives
    Sales Executives
    Business Development Executives I
    Business Development Executives II
    Business Development Executives III
    Marketing Executives I
    Marketing Executives II
    Marketing Executives III
    Global Support Executives I
    Global Support Executives II
    Global Support Executives III
    Operation Executives I
    Operation Executives II
    Operation Executives III
    Asset Management Executives I
    Asset Management Executives II
    Asset Management Executives III
    Senior Executives I
    Senior Executives II
    Senior Executives III


    Official Ranks List Of MBB 5ic11

    Chief of Customer Services
    Chief of Sales
    Chief of Business Development I
    Chief of Business Development II
    Chief of Business Development III
    Chief of Marketing I
    Chief of Marketing II
    Chief of Marketing III
    Chief of Global Support I
    Chief of Global Support II
    Chief of Global Support III
    Chief of Operating Officer I
    Chief of Operating Officer II
    Chief of Operating Officer III
    Chief of Asset Management I
    Chief of Asset Management II
    Chief of Asset Management III
    Senior Management I
    Senior Management II
    Senior Management III


    Official Ranks List Of MBB 4ic11

    Customer's Stakeholders I
    Customer's Stakeholders II
    Customer's Stakeholders III
    Employee's Stakeholders I
    Employee's Stakeholders II
    Employee's Stakeholders III
    Supplier's Stakeholder I
    Supplier's Stakeholder II
    Supplier's Stakeholder III
    Community's Stakeholders I
    Community's Stakeholders II
    Community's Stakeholders III
    Investor's Stakeholders I
    Investor's Stakeholders II
    Investor's Stakeholders III
    Trade Union's Stakeholders I
    Trade Union's Stakeholders II
    Trade Union's Stakeholders III
    Government's Stakeholders
    Senior Stakeholders


    Official Ranks List Of MBB 3ic12

    Shareholders I
    Shareholders II
    Shareholders III
    Shareholders IV
    Shareholders V
    Shareholders VI
    Shareholders VII
    Shareholders VIII
    Shareholders IX
    Shareholders X
    Senior Shareholders I
    Senior Shareholders II
    Senior Shareholders III
    Senior Shareholders IV
    Senior Shareholders V
    Senior Shareholders VI
    Senior Shareholders VII
    Senior Shareholders VIII
    Senior Shareholders IX
    Senior Shareholders X


    Official Ranks List Of MBB 2ic12

    General Director
    Trial Security Director
    Security Director
    Trial Training Director
    Training Director
    Trial Administration Director
    Administration Director
    Trial Analyst and Planning Director
    Analyst and Planning Director
    Trial Financial Director
    Financial Director
    Trial HR Director
    HR Director
    Trial Manager Director
    Manager Director
    Trial Consultant Director
    Consultant Director
    Trial Executive Director
    Executive Director
    Top Management Director






    Assistant Chairman (RC)



    Like a Star @ heaven 1ic - CHAIRMAN Like a Star @ heaven

    Official Ranks List Of MBB 1ic12



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